I had the opportunity to work with Janelle last fall (Check out her Urban Session HERE) and ever since then, I have been looking forward to the next time she got in front of my camera!

For months- I kid you not, we have been trying to connect to do some head shots and updated lifestyle photos but with Janelle's crazy travel schedule (SERIOUSLY, this girl is a pro vacationer! Check out her Instagram and prepare to be jealous!) we could not pin down a date! Leave it to fate, I had been double-booked at a studio, and had a cancellation, and I messaged Janelle last minute to see if she was in the country (LOL but really...) and we FINALLY got together for some magic

Janelle owns a beautiful Wedding Videography company, called

"Aster + Ivory" -- Check them out HERE

I have never had the chance to photograph someone else who is used to being behind a camera, and honestly I think I speak for a lot of us in the photography/videography industry when I say... we feel awkward when we are the ones in front of the camera! Well... that is not the case for Janelle because this girl knows how to work it. 

Check out her film work (Instagram- CLICK HERE, Facebook CLICK HERE

OH. And the icing on top- If you need a wedding make up artist as well- YUP. She rocks that too, on top of filming your wedding... (I mean look at how flawless she looks in her own photos!) 

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