About Me:
I love the Lord. I am Minnesota born and raised, a bit of a homebody. Most days you will find me with a Rae Dunn mug full of orange spice tea, cuddled in with my hubby or our Bengal kitten. I tend to start celebrating Christmas in October (YES I am that person...) and if I am not editing pictures, I am huddled up in front of my sewing machine quilting. If you're reading this thinking... is this girl 25 or 80... I don't blame you.

About My Photography:

I love to capture the in between. The real. The raw. I will be behind the camera telling you the most outrageous things to get a smile. I love when my clients become my friends, and I am there holding your hand every step of the photography process, from scheduling your session, to styling it, from ordering prints and everything in between. I want to tell a timeless and effortless story for you, an authentic one for you cherish for years to come.

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