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This girl is seriously, the ray of sunshine! If the photos don't tell you, I can- From the moment we started our session, it was all laughs and a seriously great time! And can we just all agree for a moment- mega HAIR GOALS!?

I actually found Suzie, on Instagram while looking for some amazing girls to be a part of a project I'm working on this summer. I knew from the moment I virtually "met" her that I had to get her in front of my camera- and man was I right!? We created some serious magic and our styles just "clicked." (Fun fact too, in the beginning of our session, we found out her older sister was in my graduating class! Small world.) 

Suzie is so positive, and full of light and generosity. During our session I even found out she was soon leaving for a mission trip with her church. I just adore that, and seeing youth be involved being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

I think will also feel Suzie's joy though these photos. :)

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